About Me

My name is Lionell Pack, and I write code.

I’ve been writing code since I was a kid. My dad wrote software in the 70s and 80s, and I grew up with a computer with BASIC on it. Things kind of spiraled from there.

I discovered x86 assembly in high school. I’ve seldom done anything useful with it, but that’s never really been the point. Computers fascinate me.

Somewhere along the line, I realised that software development could be a career, as well as a passion. I guess that’s a nice bonus.

I’ve worked in a myriad of languages over the years. Out of an early love for C and C++, I developed an affection for C# – which has been my primary language for some time now.

Many years ago, I discovered the importance of optimising your process. I love automating repetitive tasks, because I hate wasting time on repetitive tasks. This has led me to a strong interest in the DevOps movement – and a drive to help my teams adopt automation at every level.

I currently work for Readify, helping our clients keep their custom software in great shape. If you like my writing and want to work with me, check out my Work At Readify page.

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