Not A Democracy

[Image description: Two panel comic.First panel: Ryan, standing in front of a sign which says ‘Ryan for Manager’, wearing a pin saying ‘Vote 1 ME!’ Second panel: Same scene, the Architect is standing in front of the sign and saying … Continue reading

The New Developer (Part 2)

[Image description: 3-panel comic. First panel: Four people standing by a water cooler. One of them is the new developer. Man: So what’s your role, anyway? Testing? Documentation? New developer: Security and penetration testing. Man: Heh. Pene- Second panel: Same … Continue reading

The New Developer

[Image description: Three panel comic. First panel: Girl with bright red hair in a pony-tail, flying a spaceship, pursuing and shooting at another spaceship. Second panel: Same girl, holding a lightsaber and deflecting a blaster shot. There is a man … Continue reading

Charlie Hebdo

I was going to post a #JeSuisCharlie comic today (I even drew one) – but I thought a bit about what that would mean, and I decided to post some words instead. I was a word-smith long before I started … Continue reading