T-shirt store!

There was no new comic last week, and there won’t be one this week either – I’ve been busy preparing to deliver a talk at DDD Brisbane about digital art and creativity (targeted at developers).

I’ve also been busy setting up an online t-shirt store – so if you like my comic and want one on a t-shirt, you can have that! The proofs have already arrived (I’ll be giving out a couple at DDD) and I’m really happy with them. It takes a bit of work to get each comic ready for t-shirt printing, so I’ll only be making a few available initially. If you have a favourite you’d really like to see available, hit me up on Twitter (either @nerdhold or @rophuine) and let me know which one! There are very limited styles of shirt available right now, but I’ll be adding more as soon as I have time. Yes, I’m very aware that it’s only men’s styles right now – I need to sit down with some women and get input on what would work, especially in terms of comic placement.

If you just want to see a new comic, I’ll be back next Friday (Dec 6th).

20191124_180012 (Large)