The CTO’s Apprentice

[Image description: Four panel comic. First panel: Man standing beside a desk. There is a plaque reading ‘CTO’ and a box containing a wand. Man: *gasp* The CTO’s wand! Second panel: The man is brandishing the wand, and his hat … Continue reading

Season’s Greetings!

[Image description: Single panel comic. Six colleagues are standing in front of a table covered with drinks, snacks, and a small Christmas tree. They are shouting “Season’s Greetings!” in unison.] … Continue reading

Captain Meeting!

[Image description: Two-panel comic. First panel: A man standing in front of a meeting table. Man: Thanks for keeping this a nice short meeting, everyone. Several people, off-panel: SHHHHHHHH! Second panel: Another man with a capital M on his jumper … Continue reading

Working at Heights

[Image description: Three-panel comic. First panel: A man is leaning against the side of a double-decker desk. A woman is reclining on the floor in front of a PC on the bottom desk. Man: I heard you asked for a … Continue reading

Project Planning

[Image description: Two comic panels. First panel: A team leader standing in front of a whiteboard divided in three. Yellow sticky notes cover the first third, while the other two are empty. Five developers stand facing him. Leader: I’ve planned … Continue reading

So many new developers…

[Image description: Two comic panels. First panel: A man in a blue shirt and a women in a green dress, standing by a water cooler. Both are holding cups of water. Man: Why do we have so many new developers, … Continue reading

Standup Desks

[Image description: 2 comic panels. First panel: Man in blue shirt and black pants standing in front of a desk with a PC on it. The keyboard is at eye level. Man: “These stand-up desks are a little high.” Person … Continue reading